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First of all, congratulations, you've finally finished your book. That's a huge achievement! So now you're probably planning the next step, getting it published.

You may have written a novel and sent your manuscript to agents and traditional publishers; received a few rejections slips perhaps? Or maybe you've decided you would like to self-publish your book but not sure where to start.

You may have written a memoir or a family history and wish to have it printed for the family to cherish as an heirloom. Perhaps you want to create a cookbook or a beautiful children's picture book and sell it worldwide. Whatever your reasons are for wanting your work in print, we can help you realise your dream by helping you every step of the way.

Not sure how to make your manuscript into a book layout? Graphic design not your forte? It can be daunting when you realise just what is involved in the production of a book, ISBNs, CIPs, POD, ePub; sound like gobbledygook...? That's okay. We can decipher the mysteries of self-publishing for you.

We can help you with as much or as little of the process as you choose. You're the boss, so you remain in charge. Look on Publicious as a friendly assistant with your best interest at heart.

Here are some of the services we have to offer:

  • full typesetting service converting your manuscript into a professional print-ready book layout
  • full colour book cover design with your input encouraged
  • editing and proofreading. Learn more
  • full colour illustrations for children's books etc. See samples
  • ISBN registration with barcode and global database listings
  • affordable quality printing at a location close to you (POD short-run or off-set)
  • conversion of your book into ebook formats for iPad and Kindle readers etc
  • Global Print On Demand (POD) / ebook Distribution sell your book to the world. Learn how
  • list your book for free in the Publicious bookstore
  • At Publicious you'll be working with like-minded self-published authors (real people) who have a genuine interest in you and your book. There are no hidden costs all our services are priced individually and bundled up in a variety of cost-saving packages to suit every need and budget. Our books are of the highest quality and the best prices.
  • fulfillment of long awaited need for greater publishing options to Book Publishing Queensland
  • highest quality and service in Book Publishing Australia
  • international award winning services in Self Publishing Australia

You'll also have complete control over your product such as the book cover design, the type of paper used in your book, and the number of copies you have printed. And as you are the publisher of your book you'll retain full publishing rights and earn 100% book royalties. Unlike other publishing providers, Publicious really does offer a true self-publishing experience. Read testimonials here

Affordable book publishing, 100% book royalties worldwide!

We've partnered with a number of printers around the world, which means no matter where you live you'll receive your books within days of ordering and you'll save a bundle of money on shipping and customs and excise duties. This also means that if you're planning a book launch overseas, you can order your books and have them waiting for you at your destination.

And, if you are really serious about sales, take a look at our Global Distribution channels. With this option all the work is done for you. Your books will be available anywhere in the world 24/7.

So what's the next step? Enjoy the information available to you on our transparent website, and when you're sure what it is you need, visit our services and pricing page where you can choose from our affordable options. Or drop us a line here if there is something further you'd like to ask us.

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Read Our Testimonials

I am very grateful and honoured to have found Publicious. As a first time author, there was SO MUCH to learn, figure out and understand. I know that without the help and support of the Publicious team, I would not have achieved my dream. I contacted a few places last year regarding publishing, but I connected only with Andy, and that's why I chose to engage his services. It turned out to be an exceptional choice, pat myself on the back for that :-)

Dr Hisham Abdalla,
#1 international Bestselling Author of 4D Leadership

I asked media personality Ray Weeks about 'Publico'. He thought I was talking about 'Publicious' and said he had heard good reports. That's how I came to meet Andy McDermott. The spectacular cover design was a Publicious masterpiece, my sketches had been redrawn to illustration quality and my photographs inserted. Blitz was launched in good time for the February 19th 2012 Bombing of Darwin Day celebrations.

John Thompson-Gray
Author of Japanese Blitz on Darwin and Love Luck and Larceny

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