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Publicious Repeat Clients

Have you been scouring the internet searching for a suitable publisher?

Overwhelmed with what's out there and not sure where to turn, or who to choose?

Who can you trust?

During your search, you've probably come across publishing providers with expensive websites, lots of promises and even a few testimonials from past clients. Does this mean you can place your trust in them?

All good businesses know that if a client is happy with the quality and service they receive they will return again and again (it's a no-brainer!). At Publicious we're very proud of the growing list of authors who choose to do just that (see below).

We've assisted hundreds of authors just like you to realise their dreams of becoming published. You can read around 80 genuine and heartfelt testimonials here.


We must be doing something right! 

Here's a list of our satisfied returning authors:


  • Rob Ennever - 7 books and ebooks:

The Chaos Vortex by Rob EnneverFee-Jee by Rob EnneverAnna's Story by Rob EnneverSardinia by Rob EnneverSinclair's Retreat by Rob EnneverLoveridge by Rob EnneverMending Michael by Rob Ennever


  • Nola Ann Lean - 5 books

Ask to Know by Nola Ann LeenYour Body Wears your Beliefs by Nola Ann LeenLooking through Your Life's Kaleidoscope by Nola Ann LeanWisdom in the Soul by Nola Ann LeanNlightN with Love by Nola Ann Lean


  • Truth Devour - 4 books and ebooks

Wantin by Truth DevourUnrequited by Truth DevourSated by Truth DevourIlluminarium by Truth Devour 
   Book 5 - Insurrection coming soon!


  • Davide A Cottone - 4 books and ebooks

canecutter by Davide a CottoneSotto il sole australianoPortrait of a Devoted PoetVietnam ... Viet-bloody-Nam


  • Pat Ferguson - 4 books (children's)

Liam 1 by Pat FergusonLiam the Leaping Lizard 2 by Pat FergusonLost and Found in the Rainforest by Pat FergusonHarry the Hermit Crab by Pat Ferguson


  • Rosie Boom - 4 books (children's)

WLRAN - Rosie BoomWAF - Rosie BoomWCS - Rosie BoomWTRR - Rosie Boom


  • Robyn Greafling and Dr Donna Anders - 5 books and ebooks (children's)

Four Little Church MiceMel and CollieWillie the Water RatMr FarteurSeriously Bad


  • Nelle Frances - 5 ebooks in the Ben, His Helmet and... the series (children's)

Ben His Helmet 1Ben His Helmet 2Ben His Helmet 3Ben His Helmet 4Ben His Helmet 5


  • Paul McKeon (Baby Boomers Life Change) - 4 books and 1 ebook

The Rest of Your Life by Paul McKeonRelationships by Paul McKeonHappy Retired and Single by Paul McKeonHow to Stay Healthy Active and Sharp by Paul McKeon


  • J.A. Loggie - 5 books and counting

The Kids from the Block by J.A. LoggieAn Omnibus of Queensland Crime and Mayhem  by J.A. LoggieKilling Gabba Maggie by J.A. LoggieThe Devil in the Bay by J.A. LoggieLake Wunyami - Home of Haunted Spirits by Joy Loggie


  • Peter Stephenson - 3 Books (Includes cover illustrations by Publicious)

Punch up in the Punjab by Peter StephensonRumble in Rajasthan! by Peter StephensonEureka in Europe by Peter Stephenson


  • James Raven - 3 books

Sentinels of Tzurac by James RavenZarkwins Revenge by James RavenRetaliation by James Raven


  • Diana Hockley - 3 books and ebooks

The Naked Room by Diana HockleyThe Celibate Mouse by Diana HockleyAfter Ariel by Diana Hockley

  • Len and Susan Boyer - 3 books

English Language Skill by Susan BoyerWord Building Activities by Susan BoyerAcross Great Divides by Susan Boyer

  • Steve James - 3 books (children's)

Stiffy Arrives in AustraliaStiffy Meets the Other Bears by Steve JamesStiffy goes to the Beach by Steve James

  • John Tassell - 3 ebooks

The TV Man Murders by John TasselThe TV Man Detective by John TasselTV Detective Gary by John Tassel

  • Jacqueline Munro-Ford - 3 books

Memories by Jacqueline MonroeA Man of GodA Lucky Fellow by Jacqueline Monroe


  • Katrina Ellis - 2 books and 1 ebook

Raw by Katrina EllisShattering the Cancer Myth by Katrina Ellis


  • Ram Castillo - 2 books and ebooks

How to get a job as a designer - guaranteed by Ram CastilloHow to get a mentor as a designer - guaranteed.


  • Jonathan K Wade - 2 books and ebooks

So Dark The Con of Man by Jonathan K WadeHuman After All by Jonathan K Wade


  • The Noosa Writers Group - 2 books

When Pelicans Turn Blue by The Noosa WritersFrozen in time by the Noosa Writers


  • Chantelle Griffin - 2 books and ebooks

Made in the Image of the Goddess by Chantelle GriffinRunning Through the Rising Tide by ?Chantelle Griffin


  • Jackie Hall - 2 books

The 28 Day Scream-Free Parenting Challenge by Jackie HallThe Happy Mum by Jackie Hall

  • Gene Howell (Australian Institute of Management) - 2 books

The Game Plan by Gene HowellLeadership to the Max by Gene Howell


  • Prof Richard John (Griffith University) - 2 books

The Chemistry Companion by Richard JohnChemistry Companion - Answers and Solutions by Richard John


  • Dr James Carlopio - 2 books

Sherlock Holmes and the July Crisis by James CarlopioImplementation by James Carlopio


  • Terry Spring - 2 books 

Transported by Terry SpringA Tamboo Girl by Terry Spring

  • William Graham - 2 books

?The Labour of my Hands by William Graham The Human Face of God by William Graham

  • Graeme Allan - 2 books and ebooks

Iggy A Star is Born by Graeme AllanIggy - The Little Book by Graeme Allan


  • John Litchen - 2 books

and the waters prevailed by John LitchenFragments that Remain by John Litchen

  • Corey L. Nash - 2 books and ebooks

What Lay in the Dark, Casey L NashA Whisper in the Night by Corey L. Nash

  •  Ayshe Talay-Ongan - 2 books and ebooks


  • Cat Hall - 2 books and ebooks (children's)

Lily and Linus by Cat HallLily and Linus 2 by Cat Hall

  • David Still - 2 books and ebooks

It's Our Earth too - the Awakening by David StillIt's Our Earth Too - the Gathering

  • Brian Steven - 2 books and ebooks

Account Overdue by Brian StevenPaid in Full by Brian Steven


  • Dale Furse - 2 books and ebooks

Curse of Wexia by Dale FurseThe Secret of Wexkia by Dale Furse

  • Enza Lyons - 2 books and ebooks

ADHD by Enza LyonsSuccess at School and Beyond by Enza Lyons

  • John Thompson-Grey - 2 books and ebooks

Japenese Blitz on Darwin by John Thompson-GrayLove Luck and Larceny by John Thompson-Gray


  • Vincent Kean - 2 books

Atmosterics by Vince KeanTasmantic Man by Vince Kean


  • Susanne L Sticklen - 2 books and ebooks

DR's ABC Book 1 by Susanne L SticklenDR's ABC Book 2 by Susanne L Sticklen


  • Wendy Hindmarch - 2 books (Children's)

Taeh goes to the Vet by Wendy HindmarchTrouble in the Bush by Wendy Hindmarch

  • Richard Roy - 4 books

Life in the Spirit by Richard Roy19th Century.... by Richard RoyNothing Less by Richard RoyHear my Voice by Richard Roy

  • Noel Guthrie - 2 books

Love, Lies and Laughter by Noel GuthrieBallad of Ernie Snow by Noel Guthrie


  • Shirley Appleby - 2 books

The A - Z of Spirituality by Shirley ApplebyLots of Socks


  • Sue Ambrose - 2 books

Adult Literacy Teacher Training Manual by Sue AmbroseThe Step Project by Sue Ambrose






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Read Our Testimonials

I am very grateful and honoured to have found Publicious. As a first time author, there was SO MUCH to learn, figure out and understand. I know that without the help and support of the Publicious team, I would not have achieved my dream. I contacted a few places last year regarding publishing, but I connected only with Andy, and that's why I chose to engage his services. It turned out to be an exceptional choice, pat myself on the back for that :-)

Dr Hisham Abdalla,
#1 international Bestselling Author of 4D Leadership

I asked media personality Ray Weeks about 'Publico'. He thought I was talking about 'Publicious' and said he had heard good reports. That's how I came to meet Andy McDermott. The spectacular cover design was a Publicious masterpiece, my sketches had been redrawn to illustration quality and my photographs inserted. Blitz was launched in good time for the February 19th 2012 Bombing of Darwin Day celebrations.

John Thompson-Gray
Author of Japanese Blitz on Darwin and Love Luck and Larceny

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