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Publicious has teamed up with Audiobook Australia
to offer our client's an affordable, high-quality audiobook service!

As a self-publishing author looking to maximise your market, ideally you would look to producing your printed book and ebook along with your audiobook.

In today’s busy world many people are turning to audiobooks to conserve time and still read. Audiobooks are the perfect way for people to multitask, they listen while commuting, exercising, gardening and during many more activities.

Audiobook Australia can help you have your work professionally recorded by talented voice actors or assist you recording your work in your own voice, guaranteeing an outcome of the highest quality and to a professional standard. We also assist you with distribution to the world’s biggest players globally including; Audible, Apple, Google Play along with 40+ online retailers.

Steps Involved in Audiobook Production

Recording your Audiobook

We strongly encourage you the writer to narrate your own book after all you know your work best and what a legacy to leave; Your story in your voice. We provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in our studios to make you feel at ease and guide and coach you through the entire narration process.

Alternatively, if you still feel you’d prefer to engage one of our talented voice actors we have a wide range, male and female in different age groups with various accents who would do your work justice.

Editing the Audio

Once the audiobook recording is completed our engineers edit the work, removing mistakes and extraneous sounds before correlating the audio files to mirror the layout of your manuscript ensuring the outcome is error-free and the audio specification are at industry standard.

Production of the Audiobook Audio Files

All of the audiobook files are then screened through our state-of-the-art audio processor to ensure the audio specification are at industry standard then converted to a high-quality MP3 format suitable for final output and superior upload/distribution.

Distribution of your Completed Audiobook

We can also assist you with uploading your audiobook for distribution to the leading players including Audible/Amazon, Apple, Google, Audiobooks Now and Kobo along with 40+ online global retailers. With this service you retain the copyright of your work and receive a 35% royalty of the sale price of your audiobook.

Alternatively, we can provide your final MP3 audio files directly to you for self-distribution.

Special Bonus

As a bonus for recording with us, we can also offer our authors the opportunity of a podcast recording on The Simone Feiler Podcast for free. This is a great marketing/promotion tool to help you kick off your writing career. Check out some of the previous author conversations here.


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