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If you are a business owner, a leader in your field, a business coach or a motivational speaker, then you probably already know that a book is not only looked up on as the new business card but is now an expected requirement for the successful entrepreneur.

A book will allow you that extra credibility and prestige that a business card never could. Be honest, what do you do with the majority of business cards that are handed to you? Look at them once perhaps then either store them or throw them away? So is it reasonable to expect that this is what also happens to the cards you hand out? Another great thing about having a book is that people will actually buy it.

Publicious Business Publishing

Did you know you can self-publish your book, have complete control over the design, print as few or as many high quality books as you like and whenever you like? Did you also know you can have your book as an ebook and that both your ebook and printed version can be distributed worldwide through all the major online stores such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple, etc?

If you have written a book or are still in the planning stages, we at Publicious can help you realise your dream by taking care of the following services for you:

  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Typesetting -- book layout design
  • Graphic design and book cover design
  • High quality printing, soft cover or hard, in quantities of your choice whenever you need them
  • ebooks suitable for instant download for most eReader devices such as the iPad, The Kindle, KOBO, Sony Reader, Android devices and Smart phones.
  • Online global distribution for both print on demand (POD) and ebook -- learn more
  • Social media network marketing

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