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Love them or hate them ebooks are gaining in popularity, and with more and more ebook readers being released each year, along with the growth in download sites, the ebook is becoming an option that most self-published authors can no longer afford to overlook.

Whether you are considering releasing your book exclusively as an ebook or choosing this option to run side by side with your print sales, you might be surprised at how affordable an ebook can be, and how easy it is to make it available for download from online stores worldwide.

At Publicious we can produce a professional-quality ebook from your manuscript or existing book and assist you to distribute it in a reasonably quick time and without breaking the bank.

We supply all our ebooks in the following formats for the very affordable price of one conversion:

  • EPUB: compatible with: iPad, Kindle, iPhone, Kobo eReader, Barnes & Noble Nook, All Android devices and most smartphones etc
  • PDF: great for reading on a computer and for downloads directly from your website.
Publicious eBooks

Just some of the many eReaders capable of reading Publicious ebooks

Ebook distribution

As well as Ebook conversions Australia, we can also distribute your ebook for instant download from most online ebook stores including Amazon, Apple iTunes/iBooks and Booktopia etc. Learn more here


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