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Have you been scouring the internet searching for a publishing solution?
Overwhelmed with what's out there and not sure where to turn,
who to choose, or who to trust?

During your search, you've probably come across publishing providers with expensive websites, lots of promises and even a few testimonials from past clients. Does this mean you can place your trust in them?
All good businesses know that if a client is happy with the quality and service they receive they will return again and again (it's a no-brainer!). At Publicious we're very proud of the growing list of authors who choose to do just that (see below).
We've assisted hundreds of authors just like you to realise their dreams of becoming published. You can read around 120 genuine and heartfelt testimonials here.

We must be doing something right, right? 

Here's a list of satisfied returning authors:


Between 2011 and 2020, author Robert Ennever has published 10 books
and ebooks with the assistance of Publicious. Number 11 is due later this year:
Rob Ennever book 1
Rob Ennever book 2
Rob Ennever book 3
Rob Ennever book 4
Rob Ennever book 5
Rob Ennever book 6
Rob Ennever book 7
Rob Ennever book 8
Rob Ennever book 9
Rob Ennever book 10

Nola Ann Lean - 8 books and counting

Nola Ann Lean Book 1
Nola Ann Lean Book 2
Nola Ann Lean Book 3
Nola Ann Lean Book 4
Nola Ann Lean Book 5
Nola Ann Lean Book 6
Nola Ann Lean Book 7
Nola Ann Lean Book 8
Prof Richard John (Griffith University) - 2 Chemistry Companion books and set of 24 Suzie the Scientist early reader books
Richard John book 1
Richard John book 2
Suzie the Scientist books
Truth Devour - 6 books and ebooks
T Devour book 1
T Devour book 2
T Devour book 3
T Devour book 4
T Devour book 5
T Devour book 6
L.B Gumnut - 6 ebooks (children's)
L.B Gumnut Bk1
L.B Gumnut Bk2
L.B Gumnut Bk3
L.B Gumnut Bk4
L.B Gumnut Bk5
L.B Gumnut Bk6
Belinda Harrison - 8 books
Belinda Harrison Bk6
Belinda Harrison Bk5
Belinda Harrison Bk4
Belinda Harrison Bk3
Belinda Harrison Bk2
Belinda Harrison Bk1
Far From Thermopylae
End Of War In Thermopylae
Bill Kezelos - 6 books
Bill Kezelos Bk1
Bill Kezelos Bk2
Bill Kezelos Bk3
Bill Kezelos Bk4
Bill Kezelos Bk5
Bill Kezelos Bk6
Rosie Boom - 7 books (children's)
Rosie Boom Bk1
Rosie Boom Bk2
Rosie Boom Bk3
Rosie Boom Bk4
Rosie Boom Bk5
Rosie Boom Bk6
Rosie Boom Bk7
Davide A Cottone - 5 books and ebooks
Davide A Cottone Bk1
Davide A Cottone Bk2
Davide A Cottone Bk3
Davide A Cottone Bk4
Davide A Cottone Bk5
Pat Ferguson - 4 books (children's)
Pat Ferguson Bk1
Pat Ferguson Bk2
Pat Ferguson Bk3
Pat Ferguson Bk4
DJ Graving and H. C. Seth - 5 books (children's) with more to come
DJ Graving and H. C. Seth Bk1
DJ Graving and H. C. Seth Bk2
DJ Graving and H. C. Seth Bk3
DJ Graving and H. C. Seth Bk3
DJ Graving and H. C. Seth Bk5
Robyn Greafling and Dr Donna Anders - 5 books and ebooks (children's)
Robyn Greafling and Dr Donna Anders Bk1
Robyn Greafling and Dr Donna Anders Bk2
Robyn Greafling and Dr Donna Anders Bk3
Robyn Greafling and Dr Donna Anders Bk3
Robyn Greafling and Dr Donna Anders Bk5
Nelle Frances - 5 ebooks in Ben, His Helmet and... the series (children's)
Nelle Frances Bk1
Nelle Frances Bk2
Nelle Frances Bk3
Nelle Frances Bk3
Nelle Frances Bk5
Paul McKeon (Baby Boomers Life Change) - 5 books and 1 ebook
Paul McKeon (Baby Boomers Life Change) Bk1
Paul McKeon (Baby Boomers Life Change) Bk2
Paul McKeon (Baby Boomers Life Change) Bk2
Paul McKeon (Baby Boomers Life Change) Bk3
Paul McKeon (Baby Boomers Life Change) Bk5
J.A. Loggie - 5 books and ebooks
.A. Loggie Bk1
.A. Loggie Bk2
.A. Loggie Bk3
.A. Loggie Bk4
.A. Loggie Bk5
John Thompson-Grey - 5 books and ebooks
John Thompson-Grey Bk1
John Thompson-Grey Bk2
John Thompson-Grey Bk2
4John Thompson-Grey Bk4
John Thompson-Grey Bk5
A.B. Patterson - 4 books and ebooks
A.B. Patterson Bk1
A.B. Patterson Bk2
A.B. Patterson Bk3
A.B. Patterson Bk4
Dr Anita Collins - 4 books
Dr Anita Collins Bk1
Dr Anita Collins Bk2
Dr Anita Collins Bk3
Dr Anita Collins Bk4
Samual D.A Williams - 4 books
Fortify Your Youthful Mind and Grow Rich
The 7 Riches of Life
The Silent Voice of Millions
Just Think Rich
Terry Spring - 4 books and ebooks
A Tambo Girl
The Evacuees
Richard Roy - 4 books
19th Century Global Expansion...
Nothing Less
Hear My Voice
Richard Woolcott - 4 books
Amazing Africa
The Philippines
The Former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)
Incredible Indonesia

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