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For most authors new to publishing, marketing can be a bit of a mystery or an overwhelming part of the process they've been dreading. Like all aspects of self-publishing it's important to understand that self-publishing doesn't mean you have to do everything yourself. There is help out there for every aspect of your publishing journey, including marketing.

Although the successful author will need to learn the in and outs of self-marketing, the hardest step is getting started, finding the right marketing model for their individual needs and the right people to work with. A consultation with an experienced book marketing specialist will be a great place to start. 

Rachael has been in the book industry for over 30 years in a variety of product, sales, marketing and senior management roles. She has spent time on both sides of the fence — working primarily in academic and professional publishing, as well as a long stint in library supply where she managed publisher relations for the print, digital and multimedia supply chain as well as a trade distribution business. Rachael was the face of the James Bennett/Nielsen Bookdata joint venture for many years in the mid-2000s and has worked with Blackwell Book Services and Baker & Taylor/YBP on their retail and digital projects in the ANZ region. As a publisher relations manager for close to two decades, she has worked with thousands of publishers and distributors globally.

In 2014 Rachael launched RM Marketing Services. The business provides outsourcing solutions for publishers (predominantly in sales and marketing), as well as consulting services for authors, publishers, distributors, library vendors  - locally and internationally. Through her business, she is also the ANZ contact for publishers for ProQuest’s Ebook Central and teaches the Book Marketing and Sales unit at the University of Sydney.  

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Rachael McDiarmid


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The Publicious Book Marketing Tool Kit
by Andrew McDermott

The Publicious Book Marketing Toolkit by Andrew McDermott


Packed with strategies, tips and advice on how to create your own book marketing campaigns, as well as lots of useful links and resources for building your brand, The Publicious Book Marketing Tool Kit is a great little resource for the savvy self-published author, and will be available for sale very soon from most ebook stores worldwide including: Amazon, Apple iBooks, Booktopia, KOBO and Dymocks etc. So watch this space.



Book/Author promotion tools:

The Tiger Chase Poster

Book Signing Poster

Supplying in advance a professional poster to the venues where you have book signings or workshops etc, scheduled is a great way of advertising your event and creating interest during the days leading up to it. You'll notice the blank rectangle at the bottom of the sample on the left, this is optional but is a good idea for adding the time and date of the event with a marker by hand. Just let us know if you don't require this option.

We'll create the design using the images of your choice (3D book cover perhaps) and supply it to you as a printable PDF that can you can take to your local copy shop, printers or Office Works etc, where you can print as many copies as you like whenever you need them. This will save you having to purchase large quantities and have them lying around.

One-off design fee of $100 + GST

The Tiger Chase by Andrew McDermott  3D cover

3D book cover image

Great to have displayed on your website and social media pages. We'll supply you with a cool transparent png file which means you can position the image on any background.

One-off design fee of $90 + GST

Business card

Same deal as the poster, we'll design your two-sided cards to match your requirements and supply you with the printable PDF so you can then shop around for your best printing option.

One off design fee of $90 + GST


A great marketing tool either as giveaways at your signings or for sale from your events and website. We'll design your bookmarks to match your business cards and supply you with the printable PDFs so you can then shop around for your best printing option.

One-off design fee of $90 + GST

Bundle Offer - Poster, 3D Book Cover image, Business Card and Bookmark templates 

All of the above (poster, 3D book image, business card and bookmark PDFs included in one economical and easy package. 

$350 + GST - Let us know if you'll be purchasing one of our packages and we'll knock off a further 50 bucks.

Video Book Trailer

A book trailer is a great way of promoting your book worldwide via YouTube, social media, your website and blog. At Publicious we can design a unique and professional video for your book just like the ones here at a fixed and very affordable price. 

From - temporarily unavailable

Professional Author Website (POA)

Arguably, the first place to start with any marketing campaign is having an internet presence via a professionally created website. For more details go here



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