High-Quality Book Printing

Short Run Books  (see also Print on Demand Distribution)

Printing digitally means avoiding setup costs compared to traditional offset printing. Small print runs are economical, materials can be produced in smaller quantities and with shorter lead times. There is no need for big expensive production runs that then need to be stored in a warehouse until they become obsolete.

Short run books are great for authors with new titles who only require small quantities of their books and with a small capital investment. This option works great for book launches or for those books required to test the market or send out to reviewers before a pre-launch. Many self-published authors may begin their marketing campaign with the minimum of 50 copies, others may only require an initial short-run for family and friends. Whatever your reason for choosing a short-run quantity we have you covered supplying the same high quality as the books you see in the bookstores and libraries at a fraction of the cost.

Short run books can also be used to supply backlist titles that may still have some demand. Before digital print enabled the production of low quantities, these books were often "out of print" and unavailable. They used to be imported from overseas and order fulfillment could take six weeks. With digital production, no book needs to be out of print. Our turn around time is usually two weeks large quantity or small.

Our short run books are printed here in Austrtalia in quantities of 50 to 1000 copies using the following stocks:

Internal pages:

  • Book text printed black on Creamy Book paper 65 gsm (FSC accredited) - suitable for novels

  • White bond 80, 90 or 100 gsm (FSC accredited)- suitable for text books, memoirs, self-help etc

  • 115gsm silk, satin or gloss - suitable for children's picture books and cookbooks etc (other stocks can be supplied on application)

Book covers:

  • Covers printed digitally in full colour on 250 - 300 gsm matt art (FSC accredited) and matt or gloss celloglazed (other stocks can be supplied on application)

  • Perfect binding

  • PUR binding (similar to perfect binding but using high strength glue) - suitable for cookbooks and some children's books

  • Saddle stitched (stapled)

  • Square pinched saddle stitched

  • Hard cover - lami gloss and matt or cloth bound with or without dust jacket (some size restrictions may apply to this type of binding)

  • Spiral bound - suitable for text books, cookbooks and some children's books


  • All shipments packaged securely in boxes

  • Delivery to a physical address anywhere in Australia or internationally

  • Delivery within Australia is approx two weeks from time of placing order

Advance Proof Copies

A mock of your book can be ordered pre-press for checking and priced on application.

Off-set printing

Off-set printing is for those authors who require larger print runs. It differs from digital printing as it is the more traditional form of printing using larger machinery and differing techniques.

Although the minimum run for our off-set printing faculty is 1000 copies, the price per book is much more affordable than digital (short-run) printing. However, we advise authors to only consider this option if they are sure they have the market for their books and will be able to sell them. The last thing we want is for you to be left with a garage full of unsold books.

Our offset books are printed here in Australia, the turnaround time is usually the same as digital printing.


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