Publicious Ghost Writing

Is writing & publishing a book, a goal you've had for years?
Do you need to write a book for your business?
Do you want to write and publish a book for your special group or organisation?
Do you want to write a book just for 'you?'

If so, what could it be that's been stopping you?

Not enough time
Too many distractions
You don't know how
You think it's too difficult
Don't know where to start
You don't think you can write
Don't have the time 
Maybe you have more reasons why you haven't

Then perhaps it's time to consider working with a professional Ghost Writer

What is the process of working with a Ghost Writer?

Step 1: Have Initial free call to answer your questions & identify what you'd like to achieve
Step 2: Record Interviews to gather your content until you say 'you've got it all'
Step 3: Transcribe audios to text - Review the transcribed text
Step 4: Write the content from the transcribed text
Step 5: Write a draft for you to review
Step 6: On your approval,  the writing continues until the book text is finished for your review

Benefits of working with a Ghost Writer

  • Know your book will be completed!
  • Your book will be written by a profesional writer
  • Your book will be the best it can be

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