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A Manuscript Gathers its Wings

Posted by Kerry McDuling (Publicious Book Publishing) on 4 July 2016

It would be rather fascinating to know exactly how many unfinished books there are around the World, hiding away in a computer file; all those words just waiting to be published and, of course, read!  These manuscripts have not yet made the journey to an affordable book publishing service, as they still waiting patiently in their infancy, for one reason or another.

I have no doubt that there would be manuscripts in all forms of incompletion. There will be those that contain nothing more than a few paragraphs, passionately and carefully written one inspiring day. There will be those that actually have very many words and chapters, but no proper structure mainly scattered thoughts and ideas, all fighting for their place in a well structured book. Then, finally, there are those that indeed are complete. These manuscripts may or may not yet have been through a professional or informal process of Manuscript assessments/copy editing/proofreading. However, they are most certainly ready to be "released" to an affordable book publishing service, or transformed into a Professional quality eBook.  They need to gather their wings its time!

The thing is, creating a book, regardless of genre, is more like nurturing a baby than simply knocking together a DIY home project. Many authors will anxiously hold on tightly to their completed manuscript, where it simply gathers dust (figuratively, of course, in this day and age), because the author is afraid to let it go!  And, its not only first-time authors who experience this phenomenon.  Many well established and popular authors would also certainly encounter self-doubt and anxiety at one time or another; pondering whether there is anything more that they should or could do, to create a better product.

But all babies need to leave the nest at some point, or they will never fly and soar, as they deserve to. Getting to this point has been challenging, but something an author should be proud of. The next part of the process, sourcing affordable book publishing to arrange global Book and eBook Distribution, as well as Print On Demand options, is not going to require as much of your energy as creating your "baby" in the first place. This is the point where you will receive support, encouragement, and guidance.  An experienced and quality affordable book publishing service will hold your hand as often as required because every author is different and requires different levels of practical and emotional support.

Authors will discover a large collection of affordable book publishing services when they begin their online search for self publishing. Many publishers offer Book typesetting services, Book cover designs, Manuscript assessments/copy editing/proofreading and finally Book marketing/publicity for post-publishing.  Achieving a balance between affordability and quality is important, and it's important to "trust your gut feeling" when picking out an affordable book publishing service with whom to work.  Do not under-estimate the importance of communication. A quality book publishing service will always respond to your emails and phone calls in a timely fashion, addressing your requests and concerns, no matter how "trivial" they might be.

We hope that this article has provided you with the confidence to give your own manuscript its wings.


Author:Kerry McDuling (Publicious Book Publishing)
Tags:Andy McDermott / Director

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