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How to Write and Publish Your Book #15

Posted by Andy McDermott / Director Publicious Pty Ltd on 20 May 2015

Book Marketing #4

Social media networks

In Book Marketing #1 and #2 we discussed the importance of having a website, a blog and getting reviews for your book. This time we'll be focusing on how to market your books through social media networks.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Google+ are all free marketing platforms that are perfect for today's authors.


Create an author page on Facebook, separate from your personal page (if you have one) and drive traffic to your book website. Search for groups you feel may be interested in your book and join them. A word of caution though: don't join a group and then go in with the big sell. You will alienate group members and likely get kicked out. Take a normal, casual approach by first introducing yourself, then get involved with the group discussions, and gradually introduce the members to your book.

Seek 'likes' from wherever you can and regularly search for new like-minded friends. Use your page the same way as you do your blog.  (Your Facebook author page can be linked to your blog, so you need only post to one place.) You can showcase events, such as book signings, and add photographs, as well as advertise upcoming events to all your friends and groups in one go. This is also a great way to advertise your book, but when taking advantage of this large, instant-access venue, always offer a buyer enticement, like a free chapter or ebook.


Reach out to millions in 141 characters or less! Search and follow as many like-minded Tweeters or potential readers as possible. Tweet and re-tweet regularly. Similarly to Facebook, you can instantly advertise your book, notify your followers of upcoming events, and display linked snippets of your articles.


This platform has long been associated with business networking, but it is also a great resource for authors, as it is full of writer and author groups and forums. Linkedin is a gathering place for professionals who are accustomed to marketing, networking, and pursuing a business.  Editors, authors, literary agents, Indie and small publishers, reviewers avid readers can all be found on Linkedin.  As an author/publisher, you are now a business, of sorts, and this is a free, reputable venue to get your message out to people worldwide.


More and more people are using YouTube as a search engine. To take advantage of this use, open a free account, and then consider making and posting your own videos. These don't have to be epic movies. They can be simple and to the point, like a short PowerPoint presentation about your book.  If you have done any author readings or special appearances, make sure you film them.  A friend and your smartphone can be all you need for making quickie video clips such as you signing a book, thanking a fan, showing a book display, etc.  Have fun with it! You can also commission a video trailer for your book inexpensively (see Publicious) or try making one yourself.


This newer media group is similar to Facebook and Linkedin, but is becoming popular with the entertainment industry and performers. You can take advantage of the available contact and networking options, adding your updates and links it's well worth your efforts.

More and more social media sites are springing up every day. Enjoy discovering and joining those you feel will work for you, but make sure you are involved with the ones I've mentioned.

See you next time when I'll be talking about building your brand.

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