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Lesley Wyldbore

Editir Lesley Wyldbore

Earth-friendly editor with a keen interest in politics, travel and education. Curious about everything.

Here. Ready to help, whenever you’re ready.


Originally from London and raised in Africa, Lesley spent over 20 years in advertising in London and South Africa, and with all the learnings and attention to detail that go with it, she decided to leave the corporate world and return to her first love - words: a passion nurtured by her mother’s deep and abiding reverence for literature. Magical stories starting with nursery rhymes as a small child, developing over the years to the classics (and anything she could lay her hands on).

Armed with a degree in English, Lesley set about enhancing her language skills with a view to helping others with their storytelling: tidy up the text, perfect the prose, and whittle those words down to convey the real meaning.

In summary, in her own words, Lesley...

  • loves books, libraries, (all of) nature, my beloved furry companions, walking, gardening, butterflies, hedgehogs, clever and earnest conversation, interesting sights and sounds, difficult puzzles, Gothic architecture, travel, and my jeans and wellies;
  • loathes cruelty, snobbery, fools, litter, insincerity, war, arrogance, bigotry, bad manners and high heels;
  • likes (a lot) children, the sea, mountains, the sun on my face, the wind at my back, art galleries, museums, French cheeses and wine;
  • dislikes (quite a bit) the cold, bureaucracy, entitlement, long nights and poor grammar.

The nicest things about me (I think) are sense of humour and reliability.

So, here I am: editor, friend, Earth lover and word fixer. From business docs to high academia, first-time writers to war reporters, fiction to memoirs, poetry to educational guidebooks... bring it to me ?

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  • BA: English and Communication (incl. law). UNISA, South Africa (1992)
  • Management Advancement Programme (MAP) postgraduate certificate (business management). Wits Business School, South Africa (1993)
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). City & Guilds (2008)
  •  Grammar for Writers (distinction). SA Writers’ College (2014)
  • Copy editing and Proofreading. SA Writers’ College (2014/15)
  • Brush up your Grammar. Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) (2017)
  • Educational Publishing. CIEP workshop, London (2017)
  • Reference styles. Efficient Editing. CIEP (2020)
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. Digital Garage (2022)

Julie Guthrie

Editor Julie Guthrie

Julie has a life-long passion for words, poetry, spelling, grammar, the English language, and clarity of expression in the written word. Her passion led her to certify in Professional Editing and Proofreading in 2011 and she is currently studying (part-time) towards her Bachelor of Arts (Professional Writing and Publishing) degree.

As she has written hundreds of her own poems, she was extremely proud to have one of her poems published in A Moment in Eden: The International Library of Poetry (ISBN 0-7951-5049-0).

Julie comes from a strong professional, administrative background in various industries and has brought copy editing and proofreading to every role she has been employed in. 

Julie has a particular interest in children's literature and going forward, would love nothing more than to embrace her passion and further her career as a freelance editor. When working with Julie, you can expect to receive work with excellence, fast turnaround, professionalism, and a true passion for the industry.

Karen Collyer

Karen's passion is helping all beings to find their voice.
Finding her own voice and the courage to express it has been her life's learning.

When she discovered public radio in 1987 her creativity and passion for life was ignited. From there life was a rollercoaster ride of finding her voice, losing her voice, finding her voice...

In 2003 Karen studied professional writing and editing, and was mentored by Leone Peguero, director of Blue Cat Books and a writer of books for children.

In 2017 Karen travelled to Hawaii with Rachael Jayne and Datta Groover, and spent four days writing in the Tom Bird Method. Thus began the memoir Karen had believed was too painful to write.

Karen's mission as an editor is to support writers and encourage them to express their voice with passion and vulnerability.

The editing process is highly intuitive, as Karen tunes in to the writer, their message and what they hope to achieve by sharing their story - be that fiction, non-fiction or memoirs.

To write takes courage.

You have it, it might just be that you don't realise it yet.



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