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How to Write and Publish Your Book #16

Posted by Andy McDermott / Director Publicious Pty Ltd on 3 June 2015
How to Write and Publish Your Book #16

Book Marketing #5 Building your brand. You may hear the term brand used a lot these days. Brands have been around for many years and we come into contact with them on a daily basis. The ones we're most familiar with are Coca Cola, Google and Apple. As you read over each of the three brands, it is not difficult to visualise the products at their mere mention. You don't have to be told what the companies manufacture: you already know because they have a succesful brand, recognised by people the world over Successful authors also have strong brands. Stephen King is an example of a strong author brand. We know that he primarily writes horror genre, and most of his titles go straight to the top of the best sellers' lists. Here's one way his brand works for him: A fan of Stephen King knows that the author's next book is about to be released; he doesn't need to know the title of the book because all he has to do is walk into a bookstore and ask for...
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How to Write and Publish Your Book #15

Posted by Andy McDermott / Director Publicious Pty Ltd on 20 May 2015

Book Marketing #4 Social media networks In Book Marketing #1 and #2 we discussed the importance of having a website, a blog and getting reviews for your book. This time we'll be focusing on how to market your books through social media networks. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Google+ are all free marketing platforms that are perfect for today's authors. Facebook. Create an author page on Facebook, separate from your personal page (if you have one) and drive traffic to your book website. Search for groups you feel may be interested in your book and join them. A word of caution though: don't join a group and then go in with the big sell. You will alienate group members and likely get kicked out. Take a normal, casual approach by first introducing yourself, then get involved with the group discussions, and gradually introduce the members to your book. Seek 'likes' from wherever you can and regula...
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How to Write and Publish Your Book #14

Posted by Andy McDermott / Director Publicious Pty Ltd on 6 May 2015
Book Marketing #3 Blogging You're a writer, so what better way to get the word out about your book than to write about it? Basically, a blog is a way of writing and publishing short articles online and you control the content. Wordpress is a great platform for setting up a blog, either within your author/book website or as a standalone blog site. Write about what you know, share your articles with others, invite guest bloggers, reviews of your book, and link your blog to other sites and blogs.  Maintaining a blog takes some effort, but is a great (and free) way to market your work and get involved with the online writing community. Articles Writing articles and posting them online will help lift your profile and build your brand. Articles are usually associated with non-fiction books, but even a novel may have a central theme. If you write a detective story set in 19th century London or the modern day outback of Australia, no doubt you will do a fair bit o...
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How to Write and Publish Your Book #13

Posted by Andy McDermott / Director Publicious Pty Ltd on 22 April 2015
Book Marketing #2
Do I need a website? It's important to understand that your readers not only will be interested in your book, but they will also want to know about you, the author.  To feed this interest, you will need a platform on which to build your brand. The best place to start is by creating a website devoted to you and your book. This one marketing step is a must for all authors. Imagine it as your shop front and it is open 24/7 to the world! Creating a website doesn't mean you have to spend thousands of dollars. In fact, depending on your requirements and knowledge, you can set up a basic site for free. (At this point, you need to decide how much work you can manage yourself, how much you are willing to outsource, and how serious you are about sales.) The cheapest option: You can create your own website using free program Wordpress or Joomla. (Both program are used by pro-site builders to excellent effect.) If you choose to go it alone...
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I asked media personality Ray Weeks about 'Publico'. He thought I was talking about 'Publicious' and said he had heard good reports. That's how I came to meet Andy McDermott. The spectacular cover design was a Publicious masterpiece, my sketches had been redrawn to illustration quality and my photographs inserted. Blitz was launched in good time for the February 19th 2012 Bombing of Darwin Day celebrations.

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